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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Time to stock the shelves......

Packing an order for a customer!
What is in these boxes?  Solid Colored Glass combinations, of course... custom pulled for each customer!  

Ready to be stock the shelves and decorate the gift shops across the country for the 
2013 Holiday Season!

This year we had the privilege of working with many decorators and designers for some of the Holiday magazines you see on the shelves in the grocery stores, along with our new and seasoned customers!  Whitehurst LOVES working with everyone and shipping out these beautiful colors year round, but the push is on now for the Holidays!  Keep those orders coming...
Here are a few of the color combos that we have sent out so far this year....other colors that are popular include Purples, Yellows, Greens of all shades and Reds, of course.

Nautical Colors
Halloween Colors
Courtesy of Florists' Review 2013... Here is what they did with their selection!
One of our favorite color combinations from our customer in PA ~ Black Eyed Susan

Our favorite comments from our customers include ~ 

"It is like a box of candy, seeing all these beautiful colors"

"One of the most elegant and simple way to decorate is with solid colored glass ornaments"

"Stunning colors, thank you for your quality service"

We appreciate all the feedback we get, but especially enjoy the positive, happy and satisfied remarks our customers share with us. 
Thank you to ALL our customers for putting your trust in us.... 
Here's is to a Wonderful Holiday Season ahead!
All My Best, 

P.S.  Be sure to follow us on PINTEREST for TONS of inspirational ways to use Solid Colored Glass ornaments...

Friday, June 7, 2013

It's Time for thinking up Gorgeous!

Holiday 2013

It is time to start up the thinking machine and decide on your color schemes for the holidays!  

Do you know what your colors are for this year!  The trends or "what's trending" seem to be picking a color scheme and placing it throughout your room or home.  Or, have many themes in different rooms.

For instance ~ 

Kitchen ~ maybe a black and white theme, or silver and grays.  Pair up 2 colors or different shades of one color. 


Pinterest  Pinterest

Living Room ~ go with the colors of your furniture or your pillows and blankets.
 Create a Formal Tree for the Living Room and a Casual tree or Family Tree in the Family Room.

Bedroom ~ The kids need a decorated tree!  Follow the colors of their walls, or their favorite colors.   Purples, pinks, greens, blues and orange, etc.

Bathroom ~ every Bathroom needs a little extra ambiance and light.  Just a little tabletopper, perfect to light up in the corner for the guests to enjoy.

Porch ~ how about the Back Porch or the Front Vestibule?  Add a pop of color with a fun color scheme to welcome in the guests upon arrival.


And, don't forget about the Front Hall.  Tabletop version or full size.  Fun pop of colors here too will round off the colors from the living room and dining room.

 So there you go... start up the engines and on these rainy days, look around and see where you will put the "trees"....:)

Find TONS of additional inspiration and the links to the fantastic inspiration above at 

As always, you can find over 112 colors of solid colored glass ornaments (in 3 finishes and 9 sizes) on 

On this site, you will also find artificial trees of all sizes, shapes and colors!  

Hmmm....Where else could I put a decorated tree?!?!

Enjoy your Rainy Day Daydreaming!



Thursday, May 23, 2013

For He's A Jolly Good Fellow - Great product to add last minute to boost your Father's Day sales...

For He's A Jolly Good Fellow...

Father's Day, a day when Dad's do whatever they want.... our Dad, my husband, chooses to play golf, and then, lay on the couch and watch golf.!?!?..  (not what I chose on Mother's Day)... but, according to my husband, "everyday is Mother's Day!".  Do you agree or disagree?

Anyway, here's to good ole Dad.. Happy Father's Day to you and all the Dad's in the world!
Our Elves Themselves are a great added product to help boost your Father's Day sales or for anyone to give as a gift.  How many neckties does one guy need?  How about something unique?


These great fellows are in stock and ready to ship!  If you are a gift shop, call us at 585-473-4790 or email us at
If you are a consumer, please visit our Zim's line on
You will not be disappointed by the quality and uniqueness of these guys.  Fair warning... any resemblance to persons, is strictly coincidental!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Wedding Bells are ringing....

JW Foy on Pinterest
via Pinterest FW Joy - Tables and
The Wedding Season is about to begin!!!!

Becoming a Fiance and planning a wedding  is a full time job in itself.  No one is quite prepared for the job ahead!

If ONLY I had all these resources WAY BACK WHEN...

Some great wedding sites and blogs I have come across include:

And, there are a ton more!  Start with these and then on these sites, they follow other sites and everyone is sharing ideas, diy's and great tips to  getting through this new full-time job.  All to create that once in a lifetime fairy tale day!

Another great spot for ideas is Pinterest~you can start on our Spring/Summer board for Glass ornaments -  
Tons of ideas there and after you can google "weddings" in the search box and have access to TONS of pins.  Amazing the amount of talented people out there!

Here are a few images I pulled off my Pinterest page ~

Great idea to give as Hostess Gifts in a color scheme or in a variety of colors.  See for solid colored glass in tons of colors
Found these ornaments on Pinterest via ETSY
via Pinterest Jamie Goldsmith

via Brandy Muldoon on Pinterest
via Pinterest Tatum Baker

Remember your night in a special way, to preserve the memories, from year to year....add a cork from the wine, some petals from your bouquet, or even cut into strips a copy of your wedding invitation, as seen below.

via Pinterest
 Even if you ARE NOT the Bride... and, instead, a guest to this wonderful event, these are great ideas to pull together as a shower gift or wedding gift.

We recently put together a Wedding Collector's Box for a customer in Frost and Silvers.  We added an Oberfrankische German Glass ornament of a car, some tulle, and voila!

A beautiful gift to start the newleyweds off in style for their first Christmas!  
Create your own package with traditional colors and elegant colors or the colors of the wedding... 

Every newly married couple needs Christmas ornaments!

Enjoy the Wedding Season!



Friday, March 29, 2013

Design Chic: In Good Taste: Giannetti Home

Beautiful... I just fell in love with an architect!
Enjoy this post from Design Chic: In Good Taste

Design Chic: In Good Taste: Giannetti Home: The fabulous architecture and interior designs of Giannetti Home truly speak for themselves. But if you need a little more clarification,...

Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Decorated Tree (of Life): elegant easter

A beautiful blog, to share with you, from Darryl Moland of The Decorated Tree (of Life).
 Happy Easter!


The Decorated Tree (of Life): elegant easter: A REFRESHED state of mind after the dreary months of winter is what spring brings to all of us. "How appropriate—Easter’s focus on ...

Thursday, March 7, 2013

"Here Comes Peter Cottontail...."

Bunnies, Birds and Buds, Oh my!...Spring is on the way, or at least that is what they say.

This year will be different... My girls are too big to dress in little white shoes and adorable Easter dresses, and they are questioning how bunnies can really deliver and hid baskets..:(.... please tell me, how did it ever go so fast....

Now, we gawk at the babies and little boys and girls in their pinks, yellows and light blues!  

Despite, what they refuse to believe or wear, I will still decorate the house and prepare for the Easter Bunny in every way!  We will set up our Easter Tree, gather the baskets and jelly beans, color the eggs, celebrate the holiday and welcome the Spring.  
Some of our supplies we use, include the following:

 Oberfrankische German Glass Ornaments
 Oberfrankische German Glass Faberge Eggs & The Whitehurst Company Faberge Eggs

 The Whitehurst Company solid colored glass ornaments.  Available at

Share with us how you decorate your home for Easter!  Email us at with your images and I will share them with everyone next week.  Thank you, in advance, for sharing.  Looking forward to seeing your talents.  For more inspiration, visit Pinterest.  Our March board is slowly growing with great ideas... and there are TONS of great displays, crafts and projects for Eastertime on other Pinterest boards.  Just search for Easter.

Everyone is anxious to get outside and ride our bikes, shoot some hoops and, I must say, I am excited to rake and start my gardens.  Today, I am looking out my window and I do not feel or see that "Easter's on it's Way...."
But, if i am quiet in the morning now, I do hear the birds chirping again, so I know it is coming.... just a little patience, I tell the girls.

Hope you enjoy your Easter Holiday and the festivities and innocence it brings to you and your family.




Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Top of the 'Morning to Ye!


Celebrate the Month of March 
St. Patrick's Day!
 With a last name like ~ McDonough...we go all out for decorating and celebrating the holiday!  Each year we decorate the house, attend the city parade, always on the Saturday before St. Patrick's Day (all decked out in green from head to toe, mind you), have a wild Irish party after the parade, AND THEN... (breathe)..... Enjoy another day of festivities on the 17th!  Can you tell it is one of my favorite holidays??

Every year we try and out-do the year before.  Here's is what I have so far for 2013!

Here's to the Wearing o' the Green!

Decorating for the big day has never been easier....

A little Irish Subway Art, via Pinterest, to start ye off!  A great page to print out and frame for the occasion.

Of course, Glass Ornaments are a simple and elegant way to dress up any space :)
Decorate trees, bowls for centerpieces, glass hurricanes, etc.  Find The Whitehurst Company glass at

Beautiful St. Patrick's Day wreath by DottieGray on Etsy

visit for more inspiration  

Bake up some treats for the Leprechaun's in your life

via Vintage Magazines on Pinterest ~ A Norman Rockwell print

Here is a great recipe for Irish Whiskey Cake... Yum!

via Betty Crocker on Pinterest

So many great ways to decorate for St. Patrick's Day..and TONS more!

See our Pinterest boards for more inspiration..

Enjoy and thanks for following us!


Sunday, February 3, 2013

Happy February!

February 2012

There is so much to celebrate in February!  - if you are talking about the Groundhog ~  I heard Spring is on the way!!!  Here in Rochester, we have had Spring-like days and harsh Winter stormy days.... but, I wouldn't mind Spring-ier conditions.
There are so many other things to look forward to ~starting with tonight... The Super Bowl!  Who do you want to win?  My 12 year old won the first quarter - $2 from the family pool.   Then we have Mardi Gras, Valentine's Day, Winter Break from school, President's Day and the Grammy's to name a few.  So, I have put together a few pictures for February that show off great ways to use your left over Christmas decorations and decorate your home in a festive manner. 


Beautiful Wreaths to make for Mardi Gras... found on Pinterest...
via Pinterest pin from Katie Abhour
via Pinterest. Pin from Laura McDougal
All glass ornaments can be found in 112 colors, 9 sizes and 3 finishes at  Order now, ships within 24 hours, if in stock.
Then on to Valentine's Day!.....

Retail Details Blog

Seasonal Home blog ~

Set your Valentines Table in Red, change the wording to read "Love", etc.

Even Alexander, The Baker gets into it.. and makes Valentines Day cookies!
Elves can be found on

Zim's The Elves Themselves~ Jackson and Julian enjoy Valentines Day too!

These are just a few of the great ideas I found on Pinterest and the fantastic blogs that are out on the web.  Spend a few minutes searching for Holidays and you will find a million things to do and decorate for everyday!



Our intention is to give credit appropriately.  Please let us know if we missed any information.