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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to ALL!

Sent out the invites...

Set the table ......

 Create a beautiful Chandelier out of Glass Ornaments....

Serve the bubbly.....

                                                     Wish for Peace, Love and Happiness....


Happy New Year!!!!

(Images via Black Eyed Susan, Decorology, Pretty Pink Tulips and BHG blogs)

Thanks to all our Family, Friends and Customers for the support and business this past year!  We are truly blessed to have you all in our lives.

Like the picture above says,

Here's to an Amazing 2012!


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What our customers do with our products...

The Whitehurst Company, LLC is proud to say that we have such talented customers... They range from individual customers to Florists, Garden Centers, Gift Shops, Painters/Artists, Decorators and Event Planners and so many more.  Here are a few examples of how our customers use our products~
Neighborhood Display

Camille Suzanne
Thelma Hamilton Designs
Holiday Office Christmas Gift with logo on printed ribbon
Detroit Garden Works

Outside Porch Idea
Holiday Open House at Country Club

Meme Hill Studio, Rochester, NY ~ ornament creations

Holiday Open House - Country Club

Art and Whimsy Fundraiser for the Arts and  Breast Cancer

Stacy K Floral Shop~ Rochester, NY

Natalie Sarabella Mardi Gras Ornament

Customers coffee table display

These are just some of the beautiful images that our customers have shared with us.  
If you have an image of our products in action, please send it along and we will be happy to post it.

Happy Holidays!


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Be Thankful....

We are very thankful to all...
 our Customers, Family and Friends...

who have stuck by us during these growing years.  Every year at Thanksgiving, we sit at a table that is decorated with turkeys made out of hands, pinecone turkeys and pilgrim hats.

  Here's a great new idea for the "Tween" table or any table throughout the house...

We found this great idea on and you can also visit on the how-to for this Mod Table Tree!


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Christmas Tree Mobile

Follow this link to make a Christmas Tree Mobile...

very clever and uses solid colored glass ornaments... 100 of them!

Here come the holidays!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Last Minute Halloween Decorations

via Pottery Barn

Break out the Christmas Ornaments.. why keep them in storage?.. create a tray in the foyer or as a centerpiece...

via BHG

via The Seasonal Home

From our friends at A Seasonal Home... they suggest taking a styrofoam wreath, add black toothpicks and hot glue small glass ornaments and add a bow... wah-lah... 

Unless I come across some other GREAT examples of decorating for Halloween... I promise I am going to move on to Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Our first container is coming in tomorrow and we will be crazy getting out the most anticipated orders to all our customers over the next few days.  Then my mind will be 100% Christmas-thinking....Be aware... Christmas is only 66 days away!  Lots to do!

On October 31, 2011 ~  we are going to be launching a Holiday Display Contest using The Whitehurst Company's products.  Stay tuned for more details... very exciting stuff!!!
Have a great weekend!


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Atlanta Gift Show - October 14th - October 17th, 2011

Our Showroom at the Atlanta AmericasMart~this show is now incorporated with the Rug and Apparel Market.. one stop shopping for everyone!

This show is also a good time for us to re-vamp the showroom and get it ready for our new products coming in... so here is one last look at the showroom today....

we have almost finalized our products.... and one thing we know for sure is the introduction of ...... drum roll, please.....

Zim's The Cellar Elves!!!

We have had tons and tons of requests for these guys and we are so pleased to say they will be joining us for the 2012 Holiday selling season!

Stay tuned for more great news............


Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sink your teeth into this.....


Witch, Skeleton and a Dracula ~ ready to frighten!

It is October 1st... we can officially start decorating for Halloween!

Zim's The Elves Themselves ~ dressed up for Halloween and ready to Trick or Treat!
Solid Colored Glass Ornaments in over 114 colors~ Halloween colors

I am going home to spray paint some black branches to for a centerpiece.  Then I am going to work with the above products and some Pumpkin Candles to see what kind of displays I can come up with.   These will be perfect tablescapes for the Halloween Party we have every year.  Stay tuned for some more ideas......

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Decorating for Halloween... some ideas!

More great ways to use glass ornaments, this time at Halloween!  

Why just decorate trees at Christmas, pull one out for every holiday!  Here are some great examples, from three of my blogging friends.  Make sure to visit their sites for great ways to decorate ALL year long!
via The Seasonal Home

Visit for more great ideas and beyond!

via Camille Suzanne

via The Decorated Tree

Visit for great tabletop decorating ideas and inspiration!

Customize to your personal color scheme...  use the traditional colors of the Holiday or your unique color combination that matches your decor.  And, of course, you can always do this using solid colored glass ornaments. ;)

More ideas to come....

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Collection of Ideas for Decorating with Glass Ornaments.....Enjoy!

Hope this gets the juices flowing for creative ways to use glass ornaments.  I thought these were all beautiful and want to thank all the creative people out there who first put the ideas up for show..