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Friday, June 7, 2013

It's Time for thinking up Gorgeous!

Holiday 2013

It is time to start up the thinking machine and decide on your color schemes for the holidays!  

Do you know what your colors are for this year!  The trends or "what's trending" seem to be picking a color scheme and placing it throughout your room or home.  Or, have many themes in different rooms.

For instance ~ 

Kitchen ~ maybe a black and white theme, or silver and grays.  Pair up 2 colors or different shades of one color. 


Pinterest  Pinterest

Living Room ~ go with the colors of your furniture or your pillows and blankets.
 Create a Formal Tree for the Living Room and a Casual tree or Family Tree in the Family Room.

Bedroom ~ The kids need a decorated tree!  Follow the colors of their walls, or their favorite colors.   Purples, pinks, greens, blues and orange, etc.

Bathroom ~ every Bathroom needs a little extra ambiance and light.  Just a little tabletopper, perfect to light up in the corner for the guests to enjoy.

Porch ~ how about the Back Porch or the Front Vestibule?  Add a pop of color with a fun color scheme to welcome in the guests upon arrival.


And, don't forget about the Front Hall.  Tabletop version or full size.  Fun pop of colors here too will round off the colors from the living room and dining room.

 So there you go... start up the engines and on these rainy days, look around and see where you will put the "trees"....:)

Find TONS of additional inspiration and the links to the fantastic inspiration above at 

As always, you can find over 112 colors of solid colored glass ornaments (in 3 finishes and 9 sizes) on 

On this site, you will also find artificial trees of all sizes, shapes and colors!  

Hmmm....Where else could I put a decorated tree?!?!

Enjoy your Rainy Day Daydreaming!