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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Halloween Treats!

First, of all... it is good to be back... I guess I took the summer off!  Kids are now back at school and we again have a routine that we can semi count, on to blogging....

Halloween Treats

The biggest "treat" for me is to decorate my home for Halloween. We usually have a party.. for the kids... so, I enjoy decorating and using all the fun, Fall colors.   

I have purchased my Mums... orange, of course and next I will get out the decorations.  I started this weekend, but it is hard to put up pumpkins and ghords when it is 80 degrees out and the windows are open.  

Pinterest is my new BFF... visit us at  Check out our Board ~ Glass Ornaments~Fall/Winter and our Board ~ Holiday Ideas.

On here, I have saved a ton of ideas on how to decorate for Fall and Halloween.  Thank Goodness, for all the creative people out there sharing their ideas.

Here are a couple of the images that I love:
Okay, so it isn't all about the Glass Ornaments.. :) 

 Last two above images, via Pinterest under ~ and

Well, enjoy the images.. it is good to be back on the blog. 
Happy Fall!