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Friday, January 21, 2011

Starting the Day off Right....

Positive Remarks always put you in a good mood... see below what one of our favorite customers are saying about us on their blog:

please check out this beautiful blog when you get a chance.. you won't be disappointed.

"We spent a good hour in a favorite showroom ; Whitehurst. They specialize in the finest imported glass ornaments from about an inch to 8 inches! For years, Black-eyed Susan has been known for having these unusual sizes (you know, bigger is better!). Last year, I was really missing the addition of the 1" accent ornaments in as many colors and finishes as you can dream of. This year they'll be back! These little darlings have hundreds of uses and you can expect to see them in unusual settings throughout the showroom."

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Atlanta Gift Show - January 2011

Welcome to our new showroom at the Atlanta Gift Show!
Building 1, 20th Floor, Suite E-23
We are proud to open our showroom and be able to display all our products with the proper amount of space. The Whitehurst Company had been sharing space for the past year or so and we are thrilled to be able to spread our wings and stretch out. Comments, from visitors, such as: "Where have you been, we couldn't find you last year!" and "We are glad you are back!"- were so nice to hear.
Thank you to all of our customers that came to visit us and to all those that placed orders with us last week. We are looking forward to working with all of you.

Our showroom came about very last minute and was put together in a matter of days. Our samples were all sent- rush delivery- to our new space, along with tables, chairs, everything! Many of our samples arrived 3 days AFTER the show started, but it did all come together evenually. The weather finally cooperated, UPS started delivering again, and more buyers were arriving each day with stories of delayed flights, cancellations and ice storm woes.
Anyway, there it is.. although we still have some finishing touches to work on for the next shows in March and July, we are proud to call E-23 our own and hope you will come and visit us.
Have a great night,

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Atlanta Gift Show 2011

Come and visit us in our New Showroom at the Atlanta Gift Show next week and check out our new lines....
Zim's Elves Themselves & Nutcrackers

The Whitehurst Company - Solid Colored Glass -115 colors, 3 finishes and 9 sizes..

Natalie Sarabella's - Bauble Heads....

Oberfrankische Glass.....

and many other new products....
Start planning your visit...

Atlanta Gift Show
240 Peachtree St. NW
Building 1, 20th Floor, E - 23

The Atlanta Gift Show starts next week on Wednesday, January 12, 2011.

Please visit us and see what all the excitement is about.... a new showroom, new products and
a New Year!

Monday, January 3, 2011

We welcome Natalie Sarabella to The Whitehurst Company!

In 1994, Natalie Sarabella purchased her first blank ornament from The Whitehurst Company. As a new designer, she placed an order for the oversized glass ball and which helped her launch the Sarabella Creations line almost 20 years ago. Today, Natalie is back to introduce the "Bauble Heads".

These Bauble Heads are a 4 3/4 inch hand painted ornament that would fit any decor and match any personality throughout the year. Here are a couple of the new designs that are making their debut at the Atlanta Gift Show next week... Visit us at our Showroom : Bldg 1, 20th Floor, E - 23. Hope to see you there!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Packing to Perfection

The New Year is upon us and many of us are starting to take down the holiday decorations.

My New Years' goal is to take as much time and perfection that I spent on putting up all the decorations, and use that in taking it down also.

My girlfriend is an inspiration and suggested the following ideas to stay organized and reduce the clutter:

1. Take down all the decorations and gather them in a central place, such as the dining room table.

2. Clearly label the boxes or containers with highlighters or sharpies. Label each box with item and location that you usually place it when decorating.

3. You do not need expensive organization boxes for this. Gather plain boxes, such as ones from the liquor store and utilize the dividers. This helps to protect the holiday decorations from all being thrown into one big box.

4. Before you begin to wrap and put away.. downsize a bit. Ornaments that may have a broken piece or no longer mean anything sentimentally, could be either tossed or donated. If it is really hard to let go of sentimental items, pack them all in one box and label them accordingly.
~ another idea is to create a separate box for each child and store all their ornaments in it.

5. Once the lights are pulled off the tree or from outside, wrap the lights around a piece of cardboard that specifically states, whether from the Christmas Tree or outdoor decorations.

How you sort, label and store your decorations can make a big difference in the amount of space needed to store them away and the amount of enjoyment in putting them up again next year.

Happy New Year!