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Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!

 "Today we celebrate, our country, the United States of America, and all who have served our country to keep us safe."

This was my speel this morning to my 3 girls~ ages 7, 9, and 10.  They think today means the beginning of summer, "shorts weather", cake and pop for the day.  Oh, and a day off from school.  This actually has been a 4 day weekend of picnics and red, white and blue.  And everyday, we are trying to take a moment to think of all those who have served us and our country. 

Waterloo, a short car ride from Rochester, NY

Do you have this cake too on Memorial Day?  We do and it is delicious!

There are many ways to decorate and celebrate for the holiday!   

~Use a glass bowl as a centerpiece and fill with glass balls in Red, White and Blue.  A simple and easy way to show your colors. 
~Visit some of your favorite blogs for ideas and delicious recipes for the holiday picnics you will be attending.
~Send a note to a member of our Armed Services and say "Thank you" for their dedication and sacrifice.
~Drop off dinner or a special dessert to a family who has a husband, wife, brother, sister in the service and thank them for their sacrifice.

There are numerous ways to show your gratitude and  celebrate the beautiful day and unofficial start to the summer!

Happy Memorial Day!


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Who is a Collector?

The Nutcracker Collector King

The Nutcracker Collector is back, along with many other nutcrackers and ornaments! 

~HUGE Summer Sale - 30% all nutcrackers and ornaments~

Call or email us for details....


Monday, May 23, 2011

Summer IS coming, I think!

This is a favorite picture of mine... I use it as one of our company logos and it helps me to feel like the summer months are coming.... we think.  We have had so much rain and gray skies... basements are flooding, soccer and baseball games and practices have been cancelled for weeks on end, there is mud everywhere....uugghh!

The bluebird is supposed to signify that Spring is coming.. I think Spring may have forgotten to visit this year.

      This Whale ornament helps me think that our Cape Cod vacation and summer are right around the corner... maybe we will take the kids whale watching this year.  Either way, hopefully,  Summer is on it's way...


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Lilac Festival, Rochester, NY

 The Lilac Festival is our first festival of the summer season.  

Rochester and visitors, around the country, flock to the hills of Highland Park for 10 days each May to smell the lilacs, listen to great music and eat great food. 

 They say, the colder and rainier the Spring, the better the Lilacs will be.  We sure have had our share of that!...There is even a perfume named after this beautiful flowering tree/bush.

If you are ever in Rochester, NY in May.... please visit our beautiful Highland Park to stop and smell the lilacs..... or decorate your home with our Lilac Hues.....
Our Lilac Hues........

via... High Gloss Magazine
 Our motto ornaments are a simple and elegant way to dress up any space anytime of year!

Enjoy your day....


Monday, May 16, 2011

Our Guest Blogger of the Week - Natalie Sarabella

 Fa La La and Hi to all......
My name is Natalie Sarabella. 
I have been creating my designer ornaments since 1994.  As many of my friends and fans know, I have created a new line of fun and affordable ornaments.  
My most favorite, and the newest to the line, are my Bauble Heads that are available at The Whitehurst Company, LLC.

There are several different baubles that come from all different walks of life.  They are the perfect "Girlfriend Gift" for birthdays, special accomplishments and achievements, hostess gifts, etc.  for all the special women in our lives.  May has brought so many things.  First, of course, was my Birthday.  I say that with a smile.  And, of course, we all know the armed forces have put to rest the search and capture of our #1 enemy.   Therefore, I am celebrating with featuring the "OUR HERo" as the "FAV Of The Month".  She is the GI that is dedicated to all of our soldiers both Men and Women.  I also have a "HE-ro" version as well as the cleverly named "HERo".   So, let's all salute the USA and all our soldiers for keeping us safe.

Below, are my "Diva's" that are also very popular.  Keep checking in as I will give my friends and fans a monthly update and a featured Baublehead.  I would love to hear from my collectors, so write to me here and let's get a Q & A going.  Be the first to know "What's New".
for more infomation about my products, please visit

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Our Guest Blogger - Thelma Hamilton Designs

Thelma of Thelma L. Hamilton Designs

 Hello, my name is Thelma of Thelma L.Hamilton Designs.

I have been painting ornaments for almost 25 years now.  I have a regular line of ornaments I paint with personalization for my website, fundraisers and Etsy customers.  However, sometimes I do have requests to paint "One of A Kind" ornaments.  This can be very interesting!  My special requests have included pictures of people's homes and businesses on the ornaments. (This is a challenge as the houses are straight lined and the ornaments are round).  My most interesting special request so far has been to paint a picture of Flying Monkeys for a someone's boss.

The most rewarding ornaments I have painted have been for fund raising.  Missionary groups that have traveled to South America, Libraries have requested paintings of books, adult care and day care facilities have also benefited from the sales of my ornaments.  I have sold ornaments that have been shipped to Paris, Vienna, Scotland, Argentina, Germany, Japan and Canada to name a few.

I am blessed to have found The Whitehurst Company.  The ornaments they provide me to paint on are of amazing quality and that has allowed my business to grow and flourish for almost 25 years.

Please visit me at and enjoy!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Opening Day of Golf Season!

To my chagrin, the Golf Season has begun!....Opening Day on the links was yesterday.  

To my husband... it means ~ days upon days of hanging out with his guy friends, out in the sunshine, enjoying some cocktails and nice lunches or snacks, etc., etc., etc.

To me....... it means ~ it is basically the last time I see him on a Wednesday, and at least one day on the weekend, and any other day the sun may be shining! LOL

Hopefully, Mother's Day "weekend" will be an exception.  We will see!

Enjoy the sunshine!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

On the Water....

 We just received confirmation our products are "on the water"  WooHoo!

"On the water.".. could refer to a variety of scenarios... it could be a Nautical or Seaside houseboat... "on the water", or it could be the song or a sunset.. ."on the water", but to us in the Gift Industry ... it is such a nice and welcoming phrase to hear that our products are on the way!  There are many times toward the end of the season, we are holding our breath that the products come into port in time to ship to customers.  So we are so excited to be able to say... our shipment is "on the water".

Our newest line of products... Zim's ~ The Elves Themselves are "on the water" and making their way to the United States for the first time in a number of years.  These Elves have been out of production and will be back in stores for the Fall/Christmas 2011 holiday season.  This is all very exciting to us and to the customers awaiting to decorate their stores for the holidays.

Enjoy your day,

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Update on our Art & Whimsy Fundraiser

Our glass ornaments (two shades of pink) were embellished with ribbons for Breast Cancer Awareness.   These ornaments were sold at a local fundraiser for The Pluta Cancer Center.

This display is very versatile and can be used for any occasion or holiday.  Enjoy this display in shades of blues and greens for the Summer/orange, black and browns for the Fall and greens and reds for Holiday months.  Or a long lasting display is to match the colors to the decor in your dining room or living room and place on your buffet table.  Keep it fresh with colors of the season.

Have a great night!