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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Forgo the Flowers.....

                    Flowers are over-rated... NOT!  I love flowers.. but, they do have a life span.
In addition to beautiful, fresh flowers to liven up a room.... use colorful solid colored glass in any hue to fill a coffee table or empty spot on a shelf....

via Decorology
via StacyKFloral
via House of Turquiose

many images via Stumbler

And, with the summer weddings coming... maybe?...
via Merci New York / Heather

But, while the sun is shining and the flowers are blooming.. enjoy the real, irreplaceable tulips...


Monday, April 23, 2012

Social Media is Everywhere!

Our newest form of Social Media.....

First I started this Blog thing... Decorating Everyday... and although I find it hard sometimes to post on a regular basis with life going on at the same time. Turns out it is so much fun to put together a story and images. So, I love this when I am in my creative mood and chatty.

Then, I put my company, The Whitehurst Company, LLC on Twitter under @glassornaments.  This is easy because I have 140 characters to say something and then it is posted.  Done. 

Next, I bit the bullet and joined Facebook.  We now are on Facebook at

The last few days, I have been glued to my laptop.  Producing our latest Social Media outlet, our Pinterest account.  This is so great and melts all my favorite images into one spot, under one username and password.  So, you can also follow us on

 There, now you have it... all of The Whitehurst Company, LLC social media outlets in one post.

Enjoy and follow us!  I promise lots of fun and creative uses for our products.

Have a great day!