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The Whitehurst Company/
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1. Where can I find your products?  

The Whitehurst Company, LLC wholesales to Florists, Decorators, Event Planners, Artists and Gift Shops around the country.  Our products are also available with online retailers.  Please visit the website:

2.  Do you ship Internationally?

Although our shipping is basically domestic, we do ship internationally as well.  We have recently shipped as far away as Japan.

3.  Is there a Minimum Order?

For the wholesale business, we do not have a minimum dollar order.  We only ask that items are purchased by inner packs.  This may vary, depending on the product.  For our retail side of the business, this will vary per the retailer.

4. What is your Turnaround Time?  

Our average turnaround time is one day.   We are usually able to ship out the same day that we receive the order, if the items are in stock.  

5.  Where are your products made? 

Our products are made in Germany and China.

6.  How is the quality of the Nutcrackers, Elves and Glass?

The factories we choose to work with pay very close attention to detail.  The products are of excellent quality and craftsmanship.