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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

140 days!!??! Scary!

Although all I can think about is Summer with hot days, flip flops, swimming and barbeques... 

I just read.... that there are 140 Days until Halloween!!!


So for all my buyers from the Gift Shops, Florists, Garden Centers, etc... take note.. 
the Scariest of Elves are among us...

Visit our website at for individual images. 

Call us at 585-473-4790 to have them arrive promptly to your gift shop and make a great display for Halloween!

P.S.  I will not be talking Halloween for a bit now.. off to enjoy the summer heat!  :)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Make Some Waves...

No matter where you live, if it is summertime, blues, aquas, whites, greens and silvers are among the popular colors to decorate with... 
Make some waves this summer and surprise your guests with tablescapes and hints of summer using glass ornaments.

For instance....

Use assorted colors to go along with a beach theme...fill apothocary jars, vases, wooden bowls, etc.  Place them on coffee tables, buffets, as a dining room centerpiece.. the list goes on.

Here are a few Color Palettes to go by....

via Completely Coastal
via Completely Coastal

via Completely Coastal

Create Memories and fun crafts with these ideas from Pinterest!

All of the above are FABULOUS ideas using glass ornaments that I found on Pinterest... (my new Love)...
Thanks to the following amazing crafters~,,,,

Here's a tablescape idea using plants.. looks like the Aloe Plant... perfect for the summertime burns...
Beautiful idea from one of our customers, Black Eyed Susan
 Visit us on Pinterest ~ for other great ideas I have found using glass ornaments.

So enjoy these images and ideas... Create Memories and above all ... ENJOY the Summer!