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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Wedding Bells are ringing....

JW Foy on Pinterest
via Pinterest FW Joy - Tables and
The Wedding Season is about to begin!!!!

Becoming a Fiance and planning a wedding  is a full time job in itself.  No one is quite prepared for the job ahead!

If ONLY I had all these resources WAY BACK WHEN...

Some great wedding sites and blogs I have come across include:

And, there are a ton more!  Start with these and then on these sites, they follow other sites and everyone is sharing ideas, diy's and great tips to  getting through this new full-time job.  All to create that once in a lifetime fairy tale day!

Another great spot for ideas is Pinterest~you can start on our Spring/Summer board for Glass ornaments -  
Tons of ideas there and after you can google "weddings" in the search box and have access to TONS of pins.  Amazing the amount of talented people out there!

Here are a few images I pulled off my Pinterest page ~

Great idea to give as Hostess Gifts in a color scheme or in a variety of colors.  See for solid colored glass in tons of colors
Found these ornaments on Pinterest via ETSY
via Pinterest Jamie Goldsmith

via Brandy Muldoon on Pinterest
via Pinterest Tatum Baker

Remember your night in a special way, to preserve the memories, from year to year....add a cork from the wine, some petals from your bouquet, or even cut into strips a copy of your wedding invitation, as seen below.

via Pinterest
 Even if you ARE NOT the Bride... and, instead, a guest to this wonderful event, these are great ideas to pull together as a shower gift or wedding gift.

We recently put together a Wedding Collector's Box for a customer in Frost and Silvers.  We added an Oberfrankische German Glass ornament of a car, some tulle, and voila!

A beautiful gift to start the newleyweds off in style for their first Christmas!  
Create your own package with traditional colors and elegant colors or the colors of the wedding... 

Every newly married couple needs Christmas ornaments!

Enjoy the Wedding Season!