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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Time to stock the shelves......

Packing an order for a customer!
What is in these boxes?  Solid Colored Glass combinations, of course... custom pulled for each customer!  

Ready to be stock the shelves and decorate the gift shops across the country for the 
2013 Holiday Season!

This year we had the privilege of working with many decorators and designers for some of the Holiday magazines you see on the shelves in the grocery stores, along with our new and seasoned customers!  Whitehurst LOVES working with everyone and shipping out these beautiful colors year round, but the push is on now for the Holidays!  Keep those orders coming...
Here are a few of the color combos that we have sent out so far this year....other colors that are popular include Purples, Yellows, Greens of all shades and Reds, of course.

Nautical Colors
Halloween Colors
Courtesy of Florists' Review 2013... Here is what they did with their selection!
One of our favorite color combinations from our customer in PA ~ Black Eyed Susan

Our favorite comments from our customers include ~ 

"It is like a box of candy, seeing all these beautiful colors"

"One of the most elegant and simple way to decorate is with solid colored glass ornaments"

"Stunning colors, thank you for your quality service"

We appreciate all the feedback we get, but especially enjoy the positive, happy and satisfied remarks our customers share with us. 
Thank you to ALL our customers for putting your trust in us.... 
Here's is to a Wonderful Holiday Season ahead!
All My Best, 

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