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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Our Guest Blogger - Thelma Hamilton Designs

Thelma of Thelma L. Hamilton Designs

 Hello, my name is Thelma of Thelma L.Hamilton Designs.

I have been painting ornaments for almost 25 years now.  I have a regular line of ornaments I paint with personalization for my website, fundraisers and Etsy customers.  However, sometimes I do have requests to paint "One of A Kind" ornaments.  This can be very interesting!  My special requests have included pictures of people's homes and businesses on the ornaments. (This is a challenge as the houses are straight lined and the ornaments are round).  My most interesting special request so far has been to paint a picture of Flying Monkeys for a someone's boss.

The most rewarding ornaments I have painted have been for fund raising.  Missionary groups that have traveled to South America, Libraries have requested paintings of books, adult care and day care facilities have also benefited from the sales of my ornaments.  I have sold ornaments that have been shipped to Paris, Vienna, Scotland, Argentina, Germany, Japan and Canada to name a few.

I am blessed to have found The Whitehurst Company.  The ornaments they provide me to paint on are of amazing quality and that has allowed my business to grow and flourish for almost 25 years.

Please visit me at and enjoy!

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