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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bluebird of Happiness!


The bluebird represents many things in all aspects of our lives.  I thought it was most appropriate to look up, as Spring is still coming..(we are still having snow every once in awhile in Rochester, NY)
Many people know the saying, "The Bluebird of Happiness", which is my favorite.  So, when I googled: "What does a Bluebird represent?", the following interesting tidbits came up:

~The Bluebird represents happiness, fulfillment and confidence.
~They represent great fertility in women.
~The Bluebird can, at times, be known to represent times of war.
~A "Bluebird Opportunity" is an opportunity that comes out of nowhere and closes unexpectedly.

Originally, bluebirds meant many things to the sailors of long ago.  When a bluebird was seen at sea, it would mean you were close to land.  If your ship went down, sailors believed a bluebird would fly over your ship and carry your soul to heaven.  

A Bluebird tattoo, between the thumb and forefinger, represents all your worries would "fly away" when you move the wings by moving your thumbs.
(from Tattoo and Body Art,
If you dream of a Bluebird, your dream represents truth or happiness in life.

Here are some fun quotes and lyrics relating to bluebirds:
"The Bluebird carries the sky on his back" ~Henry David Thoreau, Journal, April 3, 1852

"Blue Skies smiling at me
Nothing but blue skies Do I see
Bluebirds singing a song
Nothing but bluebirds all day long"
~Irving Berlin, Blue Skies, 1927

"Be like a bluebird, who never is blue, 
For he know from his upbringing, what singing can do"
~Cole Porter, Be Like A Bluebird, 1934

"Bluebird flying high,
Tell me what you sing.
If you could talk to me, 
What news would you bring
of voices in the sky?"
~The Moody Blues, In Search of the Lost Chords, lyrics from Voices in the Sky, Justin Hayward, 1968

Hopefully, your Spring is here and you have seen a Bluebird.  If not, our Oberfrankische Glass Bluebird is available and can keep you happy all year long!

 Have a great day!

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