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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Yellow House

This is my Yellow House. Most times if someone is wondering where I live, my answer is usually, "The Yellow House". And people usually know. Although it looks pretty yellow, this picture is not giving the yellow color justice. It is truly a brighter yellow. You may even say 'highlighter yellow'.

Anyway, I wanted to show everyone a picture of our home because we recently came very close to leaving our yellow house. Someone wanted to buy our house, even though it was not for sale. We almost went through with the offer, but in the end our love for our home overrode the offer. And even though we are staying, we appreciate the compliment on our house.

I think my love of color intensified when we moved into our home four years ago. Although the outside was bright yellow, the inside walls were all high gloss white. This came with the exception of a few rooms with very retro wallpaper, that we happen to love. Anyway, I think it is ironic that I am now selling every color in the color wheel of glass ornaments and coordinating colors schemes for decorative tabletop trees. My inside walls are still high gloss white, with the exception of our dining room. We recently painted our dining room a deep chocolate brown. It is very sharp and sometimes even looks black or eggplant.

I hope you have enjoyed the picture of my house. My goal is to create a little portfolio of the rooms with coordinating groupings of the ornaments, after we paint or update each room. Let's see if I can keep up with my challange.

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