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Thursday, June 10, 2010


Weddings - this is the time of the year... in fact, we have 5 to attend this summer starting next weekend. A new blogging friend has posted about weddings and celebrating them, along with decorating and giving for the occasion using, my favorite subject, Christmas ornaments. Please visit the blog below and see his wonderful creations..

The Decorated Tree (of Life)

My sister's wedding was in November and she put on the table for guests.. a beautiful glass ornament in the shape of a wrapped gift in gold and white.. It is a happy memory every year we place it on the tree.

So, long story short, a wonderful gift that is different and special for the Wedding couple to give is a Christmas ornament, or set, for their tree. Another idea is to give an assortment of sizes in the color they chose for their wedding.. for instance, Blue... all sizes from 1 1/4 inch up to a 7 inch ball in their color.

Enjoy the wedding season....

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  1. Thanks so much for the mention Kirsten! You might want to direct people straight to the link for the wedding story instead of the blog as a whole (although I don't mind, but people want instant access when on the net). Here's the link: